Turtles as Pets

Some people are not fond of common animals such as cats and dogs. They go for other variety of pets that would give them comfort and excitement. Exotic animals are gaining popularity nowadays. You just need to have a proper knowledge on how to take care of them. One good exotic pet that is not hard to take care of is a turtle. You might be familiar with the “ninja turtles”. They may look lazy or slow but they are good pet animals that could help you relieve stress. They are reptiles that could live on land and in the water. Turtles are unique pets that are recommended for people that are allergic to furs. Same as other pets, you should give them the proper care and attention. Here is a simple guide to help you maintain the health and welfare of your unique friend.


You should give them a comfortable place to live in. A large aquarium would do. The type of shelter would also depend on the breed of your turtle so make sure that you give them the appropriate type of environment. Try to recreate their natural habitat by adding logs and rocks. Do not add small wood chips for this might end up being chewed by your turtle. Always keep your turtle tank clean to avoid the growth of other harmful microorganisms. You could do this by temporarily transferring your turtle to a small tank. Brush with water plus salt to remove slimes and fungus growth. Remove excess food or left over foods to prevent the growth of bacteria. Ensure that the water temperature is in between 75 and 85 F. You could buy heaters or lamps to attain this temperature.

Feeding and Nutrition

Feed your adult turtles three times a week to ensure their health. For baby turtles, you need to give them daily nutrients. You could feed turtles with raw meat, bananas, works or other food sticks that is available on pet stores. However, do not make a common mistake of feeding a another pet’s food to your turtles. Most often, dog foods such as Blue Buffalo brand dog food could be mistaken as Royal Canin pet food which is really not appropriate for your house turtle.

Furthermore, remember to directly put the food into the water. Turtles only feed on food that is in the water. Ensure that your pet is healthy by monitoring its shell or limbs. Look for white spots, this are indication of a fungal infection and should be treated immediately. Your turtle could be malnourished if he possessed swollen eyes and a soft shell. If you have a sick turtle, make sure that you quarantine them from the rest to avoid spreading the illness. If the condition gets worse then the best thing to do is visit a local veterinarian. They could diagnose the illness and avoid further infection to your beloved pet.


Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling a turtle. Some of them carry salmonella or other diseases that could be harmful to your health. It’s best to practice washing your hands to avoid contacting diseases. Handle your turtle with care to avoid being bitten or causing injury to your turtle.Give them the right attention and care for they would also help you relieve the boredom of life.