Caring for Pets

Pets are like humans. They are to be nurtured, cared and loved. Just like humans, they grow well in a nurturing, caring and loving environment. Since they give unconditional love and devotion to their owners, it is just fitting that they are treated well, too.

Caring for pets differ. Taking care of fish is greatly different from taking care of dogs, just as taking care of cats is different from taking care of rabbits. Although caring for different kinds of pets differs, there are still basic things that are common to them.

One of these is that they should be provided with a balanced diet and clean cool drinking water at all times. For dogs, they should be given dog food that is not made of grain but real meat.

It is advisable that they are given meals from brand dog food like the Wellness brand dog food to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients they need. Rabbits, on the other hand, should be given fresh green vegetables mixed with a few fruits. It is good to research and ask the advice of the veterinarian on what to feed your pet to ensure that they get the proper nutrition.

Another thing to keep in mind is that pets, just like its human owner, needs exercise to be healthy. Dogs can exercise by walking or swimming. It is good to start slow and gradually build pace when exercising dogs because just like humans they also need to be warmed up first.

Cats on the other hand are not as “physical” as dogs so their exercises are much slower in pace. There are toys that can be bought that would encourage them to be active like a kitty tree or just a simple ball. Just like humans, an idle pet is an unhealthy pet so it is vital that they get enough exercise.

Pets have no idea that wetting the carpet is not acceptable. They also do not know that the laundry basket is not place for them to sleep in that is why pets need to be trained. In training pets, it is important that it’s done using kindness, treats and rewards. Dogs can be trained not to poop inside the house and cats can be trained to use the litter box to do their business.

Pets can be trained to do cool tricks. Myna birds can be trained to mimic a sound, rats can be trained to come when their name is called and dogs can be taught a variety of tricks from playing dead to barking at a command. Pets can learn faster if the trainer is not harsh with them.

Another way of caring for your pet is by keeping them in a secured and safe place. Keep your pet rat away from your pet cat and your pet cat away from your pet dog. Make sure that they are safe from the cold and are kept dry (unless of course if your pet is a fish, which should never be kept dry). 

Remember when caring for your pet, treat them just like you would want to be treated. They also deserve to be treated well.