Are you going on a trip? If you have a dog and you can’t find a pet sitter to look over him, this will be a problem. You have to carefully plan your trip if you are going to bring your dog with you.

Bringing your dog can make you experience thrill and enjoyment along the way. But it can also ruin your trip if you are not fully prepared.


Before the trip, it is important to plan at least one month ahead of time. Make a checklist once of all the things that you need to do and the things that are already done. This will make sure that you won’t forget anything.

* Make sure that your dog’s collar is visibly clear for proper identification. A microchip is beneficial for security purposes.

* Don’t forget to bring his dog food like merrick brand dog food or grain free Taste of the Wild dog food so that you can feed him easily. And, don’t forget to bring medicine and bottled water for his convenience.

* Check the health condition of your dog. Visit the veterinarian to ask if there are existing health problems that need to be assessed and to be cured.

* Proper training should be done to your dog so that he will know how to behave well while travelling.

Travel by Car:

Travel by car is easier than any other mode of transportation, most especially if your dog has already been trained in riding to your own vehicle. If this is his first time to ride a car, it is much better to train him first so that he will get used to it.

Dogs tend to be afraid in riding a car if it is for the first time. Put on his safety belt and harness to keep him firmly. Make sure that your car is well-ventilated. If you are travelling too far, try to stop even once in a while.

Offer your dog some water or let him go out so that he can urinate and relax. Try to enjoy being with him. You can sing a song or talk to him so that he won’t get bored.

Travel by Air:

Travel by air is harder since different places or airports have their own rules and regulations in carrying a pet. You are lucky if your dog is small because some airlines allow you to bring your pet in a carrier.

First, you should make a call or do a research about the airport where you are going to land. In this way, you will be prepared on what proper arrangements and documents you need to have. Make sure that you won’t forget to bring his health certificate and proof of vaccinations.

Travel by Boat:

It is recommended to ask the ship’s company about their policies in carrying a pet. Prepare his proper documents and make sure that he has vaccinated, especially with anti-rabies.

Some shipping lines want your dog to be put on his cage. This is to keep him securely and to avoid other passengers from being scared.