Caring for Cats

If you are not fond of dogs as a pet then you could always get a cat as another alternative. They are good pets and could give you a smile in times of trouble. Cats are much easier to take care of compared to dogs. They do not need much attention and affection but as a responsible owner make sure that you give them one. They do not litter that much and they are not as “crazy” as dogs. Cats are cute and cuddly animals depending on the breed. They look sophisticated and classy, thus depicting most of them as rich and glamorous. Even in ancient Egypt, cats are sacred animals. Here are some basic tips to assist you in caring for your pet cat.

Food and Nutrition

Do not worry about the type of food. Cats are very easy to feed compared to other animals. You just need to prepare fresh water, cat food, and kibble daily. Try to see your local pet stores for the best cat food on the market. It’s not that expensive compared to other pet foods. Try to look for a cat food that takes care of hairballs to avoid having lots of cat hair all over your house. Try to look for the best food that is suitable for your cat’s diet. There are lots of brands in the market today such as Canidae all life stages formula and other types of commercial dog foods. You can also get good information on pet nutrition in sites like Petflow.


Some cats would experience vomiting due to a change in diet so you should feed your cat with a suitable food that would not make him throw up. Remember to change the water on their kibble twice a day to avoid diseases.


Try to find a good litter that is easy to clean up. It’s best to use a scoopable litter to easily clean up their waste and urine. Add a disposable plastic bag inside your litter. Remember to clean the litter always to avoid microorganism growth.

Vaccination and Grooming

To keep your pet safe from diseases and to keep your health safe ensure that you give them the proper vaccination. Cats can contract leukemia and feline aids. Check your local veterinary shops for yearly boosters. It is also recommended to spray your cat before they get into heat. If you want to avoid scratches on your furniture then the best thing to do is to declaw your cat. Make sure that you don’t declaw their black claws since this is mainly use for their defense. Remember to keep their whiskers since this is used to measure their ability to fit into a box or a hole. It serves as their measuring stick.

These are the three most important parts in taking care of cats. You should also remember that cats are nocturnal animals so do not be surprise if they sleep a lot in days and hunt at night. They also enjoy staying at high places so just ignore them if they stay above your refrigerator or bookcases. Giving them enough pampering and care would assure you of having a friend for a very long time. You would have a companion for as long as they live.