Dog Grooming Tips

Like humans, dogs need to be well-groomed. Of course, it won’t be pleasing to hug your own dog if he is not clean and if he has bad odor. If you have fully maintained the physical necessities of your dog, he will be looking at his best even if you bring him at the public places.

Importance of Dog Grooming

* Your dog looks pleasing and adorable if he is clean.

* It keeps him healthy. You are eliminating bacteria and viruses that cause diseases to your dog if he is always clean.

* It is your one way of assessing him. Some underlying problems like too much fleas and ticks might be present. If you are going to bath and comb him, you will clearly see these parasites and find solutions to remove them.

* It serves as your communication to your dog. By taking care of him and by brushing his hair, you can instill to him on how to behave well and to be friendly to others.

The Basic Dog Grooming

1. Bathing:

Dogs may not want to be bathed. It is not also necessary to bath him every day. However, you need to have a schedule of his bathing time.

Make sure that you’ll make a positive approach to your dog so that he will get used to it and he will be encouraged to take a bath. Use the appropriate shampoo and soap to make his hair looks shiny.

2. Brushing of Hair:

Most dogs love to be brushed all the time. This will also strengthen and will make the hair looks lovelier. Especially if the hair of your dog is long, brushing will prevent it from tangling.

3. Trimming the nails

Long nails are sometimes irritating to most homeowners. However, cutting the nails short is painful to dogs. You have to know the proper ways of trimming the nails of your dog. It is much better to ask your veterinarian for the steps. You can also use rotary tool to file the nails instead of cutting it.

4. Ear care

Your dog’s ears are prone to bacteria and infection if not well-cleaned. It may not be necessary to always clean his ear. But you should see to it that his ears are away from any infection through proper cleaning.

The causes of ear infection are allergies, foreign bodies, trauma, and excess moisture in the environment. Be ready and immediately send your dog to his veterinarian if he has ear odor, dog is scratching, discharges in the ears, and redness or swelling.

5. Haircuts

For dogs that have long hair, it should be regularly cut down. Especially for those breeds which their hair grows fast, proper trimming should be done.

If you don’t know on how to cut the hair of your dog, ask the professional groomers to do this for you. This will make your dog looks lovelier without the extra hair around.

Other tips:

* Provide your Dog the right dog food like California natural dog food or Royal Canin cat food for your precious cat.

* Clean the area where he dwells.
* Teach him obedience command.
* Love and take care of your dog like one of your family members.