Some Concerns About Pet Food

Organic  food have already been proven to be beneficial for humans.  Its nutritional benefits are numerous.  It helps prevent diseases by building a stronger immune system.  Organic foods are basically produced without chemicals, hormones or preservatives.  You get food in its purest and cleanest state.  Because it is not processed, the important minerals and vitamins remain intact and are directly absorbed by the body giving its full benefits.  It is low in calories and sugar but packed with protein, amino acids, essential fats to promote good health.  Indeed, organic foods are much needed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for humans.

The popularity of organic foods have extended to pet food as well.  As more and more pet owners are becoming conscious of what they eat, they too have become conscious of what they feed their pets.  It has been discovered that commercial pet food actually contains ingredients that are substandard.  Commercial pet food contains a high level of concentration of grains.  Grains are not good for our pets because they are hard to digest and could actually harm the digestive organs of some pets which are actually sensitive.  But it is not only grains that we should be concerned about.  Meat by products are listed as one of the main ingredients for commercial pet food.  What this really means is that these are meats which are discarded from slaughterhouses because they are deemed not fit for human consumption they include bones, organs, intestines, blood and fatty tissues.  These leftover meat by products are then collected and processed by a method called “rendering”.  This involves spraying and injecting chemicals into the meat before they are cooked.  The finished product is then made into pet food.  This doesn’t sound healthy at all.  Aside from the meat by products that have zero nutritional value, the various chemicals sprayed into the meat make totally unhealthy.

Pet food is generally not regulated as human food.  Commercial brand pet food have more “relaxed” rules regarding what is legal and suitable for consumption.  In looking at pet food look check the labels and look at symbols like Organic Food Federation, Certified Organic Ingredients, and in the UK, The Soil Association.  If your see these symbols you can be sure that these dog food are processed and manufactured under tight control measures than commercially produced dog food.  Organic dog food might be priced slightly higher than commercial food but in the long run it is more cost effective than buying commercial dog food.  Long term consumption of commercial pet food could eventually lead to certain disease and illness and could rack up huge vet bills. Another reason for the much higher price is aside from the premium ingredients used, there is a governing body that regulates the production of organic dog food so you are assured of the high quality of the product.

There are a lot of organic pet food available in the internet.  Some of it even offer free shipping on dog food.  Canidae, a super premium brand offering tasty and nutritious treats for your beloved pets, are available online at prices you can easily afford.