Training Your Pets For Obedience Purposes

Training your pets is necessary. They can’t be able to think and to act like humans do. They have behaviours that sometimes can irritate or can even harm other people.

That’s why, as the owner you are responsible in training your pets to behave well. This will also bring you fulfilment once you see that your pets grow smarter each day. The most popular pets that most homeowners have in their houses are dogs and cats.

Training Your Dog:

Before training your dog, it is important to know the different benefits that you can have:
* Your dog will have a better place to live in. He will determine his place, responsibility, and commitment inside your territory.

* You will enjoy training him. It seems like both of you are having fun and playing.

* You can bring your dog anywhere you want without worrying if he will do undesirable behaviours to others.

* Your dog will learn to trust and to respect you. In return, he will try everything to please you.

* Your dog will become friendly to your children, family, and visitors.

Tips in Training Your Dog:

1. Learn to appreciate him. Your dog will be pleased once he sees in you that you are happy and satisfied with his performance. Reward him by giving him delicious Natural Balance brand dog food or treating him out in the pet store to buy him a bone.

2. Be patient. Sometimes you will have to do repetitive commands so that your dog will be able to understand.

3. Schedule his training. This will make him expect what he should do. See to it that in his training it will be lots of fun. Find ways that can motivate him to learn.

4. Never punish or correct your dog. This will discourage him to learn.

5. Instruct your dog simple household choirs daily to practice himself.

Training Your Cats:

1. As much as possible, play with your cat frequently. Provide her scratch post, litter box, and toys. Keep her busy so that she will not be bored. This will also prevent her from doing lots of misbehavior.

2. Feed her regularly like giving her Royal Canin cat food to eat. If your cat has regular eating habit, it will be easier for you to monitor the moment she will pee and defecate. In this way, you will be able to give her litter box so that she will use it regularly.

3. Your cat is delicate. Make sure that every day you will clean her litter box. Once she sees that it is dirty, she will less probably use it.

4. Give your cat freedom. Don’t force her to learn. You can try another time when she is not interested. Cats have short attention span.
5. Let your cat smell her treat after she will obey your command. This will motivate her to learn and to follow you.

6. Like training your dog, you have to be patient and never punish your cat when she can’t make it. Try and try until you will reach what you have aimed for her.