Basic Needs of a Pet Dog

Pets are essential part of every home. They take away your boredom and loneliness. They give you company in times of fun and loneliness. Dogs are the common choice for pet’s .Although some go for exotic animals, dogs are still the best choice because of their loyalty and obedience. They will do their best to please their owners. They are unconditional friends that keep you away from stress. Dogs will also protect your homes and your love ones. You should give them proper attention and care for they will return this in double. Some people are not responsible masters that they tend to ignore the welfare of their dogs. Dogs would rely on their master for their welfare and care. We should consider them part of the family, even though they are four legged creatures. Here is a basic guide to assist you in caring for your dogs.

Feeding and Nutrition

This may vary from the size and age of your dog. Responsible owners should feed them twice a day. Feed them with just enough food to avoid overfeeding or wasting food. Pay close attention to what you are feeding. They also need the proper nutrients in order to live a long normal life. Feeding leftovers is not recommended but if you’re on a tight budget, and then make sure that you feed them with clean leftover food. As an alternative, you can always provide them with commercial dog food like Wellness brand dog food as well as science diet pet food that can be bought in the market. Do not give them spoiled food for it might cause diarrhea or vomiting. Try to research on what foods are bad for their health. Raw eggs, chocolates, mushrooms and other type of foods could do harm to your dog. Search the web for a more comprehensive detail on the type of food. There are also affordable canine multivitamins that could help ensure the well-being of your pet. Ensure that you give them the necessary vaccine for rabies and other harmful dog diseases. You could go to local animal centers for information on the necessary vaccine for your dog. Regular veterinary check ups could also boost up the health of your beloved friend.


This may vary for the size of your dogs. Some owners keep their dogs inside the house but some build shelters for their dog to avoid messing their interiors. Ensure that you create a shelter with enough room for your dog to move. Keep it clean and give them a constant supply of water.


Bath and clean your dogs regularly to remove odor and accumulation of parasites. You could buy dog soap and shampoo at grocery stores. If you have a hairy dog then you must comb and shampoo it regularly. You could also visit a grooming shop to give your pet a good look. Do not forget to give them a walk.  Dogs also need exercise to keep their health well.  They should not be spending more time in the kennel. They need to consume their energy too; otherwise, they would be a couch bag.  Never neglect your pet, always give them the right amount of attention. You should give them the love and compassion.