Home Treatment for Sick Dogs

Dogs are good companions that help you release the boredom of life. These animals are the best loyal pets. Many people treat their dogs as part of the family. Its not hard to train and care for dogs as long as you know the proper ways on how to attend to their needs. Its no secret that dogs could also catch diseases or illness so pet owners should be prepared on how to treat their dogs. No one wants their beloved dogs to be sick but dog owners should be aware that their animals could be sick at some point.  Never fear for the welfare of your dog, here are simple ways to help your dog recover from an illness. These are first aid treatments and should not be substituted for veterinary advice or care. The best thing to do is visit a veterinarian first. If you could do home treatments then follow these guidelines.

Give them Warmth

Use clean blankets or other cloths to create a soft bed for your dog. Try to find a quite and peaceful place to give your dog a good location to rest. You could also add pillows and other soft materials to keep him comfortable.  Choose a good place where you could easily monitor the condition of your dog. Always change soiled beddings everyday to keep his resting place clean and germ free.

Care and Assistance

Give them your best care. If your dogs are unable to stand then assist them in going to the bathroom. Gently carry them to avoid injuries. You could also modify diapers or buy pet diapers to easily clean stools and urine.  Do not forget to groom your dogs daily to keep his body clean. Use warm water to wash his ears, nose and eyes. Use a mild shampoo to clean his fur while rinsing it with warm water. Always keep him clean and turn him over three times to avoid bedsores.

Medicine and Vitamins

Give your dog their daily dose of medicine as prescribed by the vet. You could mix it up on cheese or other foods to hide the medicine. If this method doesn’t work then try to help him induce the medicine by placing the medicine into his mouth gently. Rub the dog’s throat after you have induced the medicine.


Always encourage your pet to eat. If they have a hard time swallowing solid foods then give them broth foods. Give them milk or other liquid food substances. You could also use wheat or cream. There are non chunky canned dog foods available in the market like that of Taste of the Wild brand dog food. Always keep your dog rehydrated by giving them clean water.

If your pet’s condition does not improve then the best thing to do is seek for veterinary care to avoid risking your dog’s life. They have the necessary equipments needed to nurse your pets. Simply checking out sites like Petflow.com will not guarantee that your treatment works in curing your dog’s disease. Your dog might need IV fluids and other medicine to help improve his condition. Do not think of the cost for veterinary care, think of the life of your trusted and loyal friend.