How to Potty Train Your Dog

It is lovelier and more appealing to watch a dog who knows on where to pee and to defecate at the right part of the house. Proper potty training strengthens your relationship with your dog.

It also promotes healthy environment, most especially if you have children or older adults at home. And, once you have visitors, it won’t be embarrassing since there is no unpleasant smell.

Ways on how to potty train your dog

* Age

Start potty training your dog while he is still young. It is easier than to potty train older dogs.

* Regular meals

Provide your dog with regular meals like Merrick dog food. This will help you monitor the specific time on when your dog will defecate. You can take him out after his meals. In this way, he will be disciplined.

* Take him outside

Put on his leash and take him outside. Let him find a comfortable place where he can defecate. This will give him an indication that going outside means relieving himself.

* Take him at the same place everyday

This will help him recognize the area on where to defecate. Dogs have ability to smell the place where they usually urinate and defecate.

* Talk to him

Your dog does not understand human language. However, talk to him frequently about proper potty training.

* Praise him

Treat your dog in every accomplishment that he has done. You can give him Chicken soup for the pet lover as his meal and you can brush his hair. Your dog will be glad if he is making you happy.

* Do not shout at him when he fails

Your dog may not be successful during the first few days of potty training. But never yell at your dog if this will happen. Be patient and talk to him the proper way of defecating. In this way, your dog will see that you are not satisfied with what he has done.

* Do not punish him

Punishing your dog will only trigger him to disobey you. Use other penalty like ignoring him.

* Train other family members on how to potty train your dog

Everybody in the house should be consistent in training your dog. This will prevent your dog from being confused on which among the ways he should follow.

* Keep his place clean

There are times when your dog can’t help it but to urinate on his area. To prevent unpleasant smell clean his place regularly. It is much better if you’ll put him on a tiles flooring so that you can easily wash it. This will also give your dog a perfect place to live in.

* Observe your dog

It is good to catch him defecating or urinating at the wrong place. Stop and correct him immediately so that he won’t do it again.

* Love your dog

Understanding and loving your dog’s behaviour will make you appreciate him. At the end, all of your hard work and sacrifices will pay off. If your dog feels that he is important to you, he will be encouraged to behave in the same manner that you want him to do.