How To Treat Your Dog for Tick and Flea?

Have you ever seen a dog with plenty of ticks and fleas? It is disappointing and unappealing right?

But you have to take in to consideration that your dog is not exempted in getting these parasites. That’s why it is important to know the possible cause and cure of fleas and ticks once your dog has them.

Fleas and ticks are often resided on pets. This is a major and common problem that pet lovers encounter. Fleas open the skin of the animals and feed on the blood. The results once these parasites accumulate on your dog are:

* Skin irritation which is manifested by itching and scratching

* Allergic reaction

* Anemia especially in puppies

* Tapeworm infestation

* Skin abrasion

* Hair loss

* Ticks carry diseases like Lyme, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted

* Death of your dog

Removing Fleas and Ticks:

1. You have to spray the area where your dog usually dwells. If it is possible, spray the whole area so that the fleas, ticks, and their eggs will be killed. Be careful in doing this, most especially if you have children at home. It is better to spray after everybody in the house leaves.

2. Apply proper grooming and hygiene. Look for a dog shampoo or soap that is indicated to remove or to kill fleas and ticks.

3. Use flea comb in combing the hair of your dog. Apply petroleum jelly on the comb so that ticks and fleas will stick to it.

4. Visit your veterinarian and ask for the preventive measures that you can apply to hinder the tick and fleas in coming back. Normally, your vet will apply medicine to your dog. It is in a form of liquid and it is applied throughout your dog’s body. This will not affect your dog. However, it has unpleasant odor.

5. You can also give your dog a pill. This is another effective way of preventing your dogs against fleas and ticks.

6. Boost the health condition of your dog. Provide him good quality dog food like solid gold brand dog food or grain free Canidae dog food. This will strengthen your dog’s immune system from diseases which are caused by ticks and fleas.

Your dog is not the only one being affected with ticks and fleas. You too or your other family members will become a victim of flea or tick bites.

This can lead you to have skin irritation through itching. Excessive scratching will scrape your skin which later on will lead to scars. Here are the ways that you should do once you are bitten with fleas or ticks.

1. Don’t scratch the affected area.

2. Wash the affected area with soap and rinse it with water.

3. Apply alcohol to sterilize the area.

4. Apply calamine lotion to manage the itchiness.

5. If your skin gets infected, visit your doctor so that he can prescribe you with the appropriate cream or antibiotics.

Get rid of fleas and ticks away from your home and pets. When the situation becomes worst, call a professional exterminator to treat your home and yard.