Caring for Your Dog

Taking care of your dog is not so difficult. It is not like having a small child around that you have to follow it around to make sure it does not end up hurting itself. It, however, needs to be given attention and regular care to make sure that it remains healthy and happy. Moreover, what do you get in return if you do this? A lifetime of love and adoration.

The first thing to know in taking care of dogs is how to ensure that it gets the right nutrition. Different breeds have different nutritional need so you might have to check your vet on this.

Different stages of growth also need different nutritional need but there are dog foods like the canidae all life stages formula and dogswell brand dog food that can be feed to your pets, regardless of its age. Whatever you feed your dog, remember that it should have the right combination of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins to meet the dog’s growth needs.

In feeding your dog, here are the nutrition tips that you should follow:

First is that you should give it quality dog food. Vets advice dry dog food because it often has the right combination of minerals needed for the dog’s growth. Fresh meat can be given but it does not provide the adequate nutrition need of your dog.

The second tip is water. Your dog should be given fresh, clean drinking water every day, without miss. Dogs get dehydrated if you miss to give it water.

The third tip is that your dog’s diet should also not be made up of only soft food. Its diet should have a crunch to prevent plaque build-up on its teeth. Crunch can be from biscuits or from raw bones. Mix these sometimes in the food of your dog to ensure healthy teeth.

The fourth tip is do not give your dog too much fat and carbohydrates. Although feeding it with too much of these will make it look plump, this does not mean that it is healthy. To ensure a balanced nutrition, avoid feeding your dog scraps from the dinner table. To also ensure it does not get too plump, exercise your dog.

Aside from feeding your dog properly, the other thing to do is to give it proper grooming.

Dogs need to be groomed at least twice a week. Brush your dog’s hair to make sure that its coat remains healthy and odor free. The dog’s ear also needs to be cleaned regularly. The dog’s nail needs be trimmed too to prevent it from limping.

There are pet grooming centers to take your dogs to, but you can do it if you want to. Of course, going to grooming centers cost a lot so if you can groom your dog yourself then do it. This will also be a time for you and your dog to bond.

You can provide lots of things to your dog – nice dog house, plenty of food or upped grooming but if you do not give it the love that it needs, then all of these are just done in vain.