How To Take Care Of Your Fish

If you want to have a pet that is easy to handle, fish is the best choice. It requires less time and attention.

The only thing that you have to ensure is that you give it food to eat at the right time. However, proper ways of taking care of your fish should also be done since fish is fragile.

Things to consider before buying your pet fish

* Choose between tropical and coldwater fish. Examples of Tropical Fishes are angel fish and catfish. Coldwater fishes are goldfish and minnows. Tropical Fishes are easier to handle than coldwater fishes.

* Think of how many fishes you want to take care. You can have only one fish inside your aquarium. But fishes love to have plenty of companions.

* Decide the appropriate size of the aquarium. If you’ve decided to have plenty of fishes inside the aquarium, a bigger space will give them freedom to roam around.

* Complete the equipments like filter, heater, water conditioner, test kit, and a lot more.

* Add more decorations that are safe for them to use.

Ways of Taking Care Of Your Fish


Proper feeding is very essential not only to humans but to animals as well. Solid gold dog food or Grain free Taste of the Wild dog food is the best for food for dogs.

But for fish, you can choose several of fish food like flake fish food, brine shrimp, blood worms, krill, and shrimp pellets. Choose the right time on when to feed your fish.

Stick to your schedule and never delay feeding the fish. Another important consideration is the right amount of food to be given. Too much or too less amount of food will make your fish becomes unhealthy. Just feed the fish two to three times a day.


As you all know fish cannot breathe in dirty water. They need a clean and friendly environment which is conducive for their living.

You need to set up the aquarium properly so that it will be easier for you to clean it. Make a proper schedule of when to clean. Sometimes, leftover foods tend to decay.

Once these foods will decay, these will bring bacteria and other harmful viruses that will kill the fish. Change the water frequently and clean all the decorations. Just see to it that you will be able to transfer the fish to other container safely while cleaning the aquarium.


While the fishes are eating, watch them closely. Check for anything that is extraordinary like the color, fins, and tails. If you’ve observe falling fins or damage tails, maybe the fishes are not getting well along with each other. Try to separate them especially if they have different breeds.

Other tips:

* Putting plastic plants will make the aquarium looks natural. The fishes also will not have any difficulty of adjusting to their new environment.

* Buying a liquid test will help you monitor the water content. Inappropriate water content will lead to the death of the fishes.

* Don’t clean the aquarium with detergent, soap, or powder. These are all toxic to your fishes.

* Enjoy watching them so that you will feel their soothing effects as they swim in the water.