Organic Dog Food Versus Non Organic Dog Food

A good diet for our pets is very important to ensure their good health.  Good health ensures protection from all sorts of disease and illnesses.  Natural and fresh foods carry the best kinds of nutrients for absorption into your pets’ bodies.  They help build a strong immune system to ward of disease.  Organic and natural food is best way to guarantee your puppy will grow into a happy and healthy adult. Choosing organic pet food over non organic or commercial pet food is very beneficial for your pet.  Commercial pet food or the ones locally available on groceries and supermarkets usually contain a lot of artificial preservatives like BHA and BHT and ehtoxyquin.  Whereas organic pet food are produced using natural preservative like vitamin C and E and mixed tocopherols.  One of the most common ingredients of commercial pet food are different types of grains.  They are added because they are cheap and can be used as fillers for pet food. In buying dog food, make sure that grains are listed as the last ingredient not the first. If you find corn as one the ingredients avoid it altogether.  Corn are not suitable for dogs because they are hard to digest. We all know  dogs are carnivores meaning they need meat in order to survive.  

They may survive on grains for awhile but prolonged consumption of it can actually cause diseases in dogs and may even give them a shorter life span.  Meat is also found in commercial dog food but its sources are dubious.  Most of it is rendered meat.  These are meat which are discarded in slaughterhouses and are deemed not suitable for human consumption.  These meat are then collected and they go through a rendering process.  A lot of chemicals are sprayed or injected into these meat before they are cooked and processed into dog food.  The result is unhealthy product which not even suitable for pet consumption.  
They are just dressed up with fancy labels in order to attract buyers.  To provide your dog with the necessary protein requirements, add cooked meat to you dogs dry food or trying adding cooked vegetables in order to add flavour.

Obviously choosing organic dog food over commercial ones is beneficial to your pets.  You may think that getting your hands into these super premium dog foods  is difficult because they are not available in groceries or supermarkets but getting them is fairly easy thru the internet.  There a lot of brands to choose from in the web like fromm brand dog food or Royal Canin brand dog food.  Both contain the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the optimum health of your pets.  It may come as a bit pricey but the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Your pet is ensured with a tasty meal but more importantly a healthy one.  No more worrying about unhealthy symptoms like foul stool odor or lacklustre coat or skin or even allergies.  Say goodbye to these bad signs of unhealthy diet and say hi to a happy healthy dog.